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    It is a characteristic medieval village, surrounded by chestnut trees, located approximately 550 meters above sea level. The remains of both the ancient walls that surround the village and the Rock of Alberti (ancient local family in 1200), dominate the country.

    The small town fell first under the rule of Pisa, then the Alberti family and in the 13rd century. It was conquered by Siena and then the Grand Duke of Tuscany.

    Traces of  its history can be found in the remains of castles Rocca of the Alberti and Cugnano. The castle Rocca deglo Alberti, placed on the top of the hill, was a fortification that included the keep, the owner’s residence, the watch tower, a water tank, and small buildings for the people.

    Castle Cugnano is an archaeological site of great interest, because it characterized the history of the area of ​​the Metalliferous Hills. Worth mentioning is also the church of San Lorenzo and the sanctuary of the Madonna of Frassine in the town of Monterotondo, which preserves some frescoes of the Sienese school, and the wooden statue “Madonna and Child”.

    The territory of Monterotondo lives mainly on agriculture and sheep rearing (wine and oil are Its main products) and also takes advantage of geothermal energy geyser nature park Le Biancane.




    Monterotondo Marittimo
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    Monterotondo Marittimo
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    Monterotondo Marittimo
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    Monterotondo Marittimo

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      Monterotondo Marittimo