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Placed on a panoramic hill, Massa Marittima is the most important site of the  metalliferous hills, whose name derives from the nature of this area which is rich in minerals such as copper, iron, zinc and silver pirite. The medieval town is of Etruscan origin, as evidenced by many objects, tombs and archaeological excavations carried out at the Lake dell’Accesa.

Some remains  however date back to  the Roman period. After a period of splendor when the mines become an economically important source – and the town was named “Massa Metallorum – it underwent a period of decline under the rule of Siena. The situation changed with the Medici family and later with  Aldobrandeschi.

 Even today Massa Marittima offers its visitors the image and atmosphere of an ‘ancient medieval town. Protected by  mighty walls, the main square is still  the centre of economic , political and religious activities.

Here are some of the most important monuments: the Cathedral of  the twelfth century, Romanesque example of sacral architecture in Europe; the Palazzo del Podesta, of 13th century., which houses the Archaeological Museum and the Art Gallery and painting masterpieces such as the Majesty of Ambrogio Lorenzetti, the Town Hall, a magnificent building in travertine, showing the signs of the Medici family and home of a table of Duccio di Boninsegna; the “Sources of abundance” of 13th century, in the lower part of which is to admire the great fresco “The tree of abundance.”

 In summer you can take part in many events  such as the Archery Gerfalco, a traditional historical parade in costume, the opera season or Fotofestival.

Besides the monuments of historic and artistic interest, Massa Marittima offers a wide selection of bike tours, horseback riding and hiking. The exceptional quality of the food and natural products, tasting the incomparable Monteregio or good olive oil, visiting the village festivals and typical local crafts make your stay unforgettable




Massa Marittima
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Massa Marittima
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Massa Marittima
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Massa Marittima

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    Massa Marittima